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                I have been a card collector since 1990, with the focus of my collecting usually surrounding that of individual players. My first player collection was that of Pavel Bure, and I collected him from my beginnings in 1990 until 2005. After he left the NHL and card companies stopped producing his cards on a regular basis, I decided that I would find another player to collect.

                Since 2005, I have started numerous player collections including Alex Ovechkin, Gilbert Brule, Milan Lucic, Nicklas Backstrom, and Karl Alzner. The majority of these collections have focused around my local WHL team, the Vancouver Giants, or my favourite NHL team, the Washington Capitals. For various reasons, I have started and stopped each of these player collections over the past 6 years.

               After taking off some time with player collecting, I decided to jump back into the fold in the fall of 2010, with my focus being Marcus Johansson, a rookie Swedish forward who had somewhat unexpectedly made the Capitals lineup out of training camp. Seeing that he had yet to have any North American released cards prior to the beginning of the season, I would be able to start fresh when the first products began being released for the 2010-11 season.

                Once the season began to come to a close, and the products to be released dwindled down to high-end late season releases, I realized that Johansson would most likely have limited cards released in his sophomore season, unless he was to produce similar numbers to that of other product staples on the Capitals like Alex Ovechkin, Alexander Semin, Nicklas Backstrom, & Mike Green. With that I decided to take a stab once again at an Alex Ovechkin collection. I collected Ovechkin back in 2004-05 when he had some cards produced in the inaugural ITG Heroes & Prospects set. Once his stock rose, so did the price of his cards, and my completionist persona knew I wouldn't be able to keep up financially with him. With that, I diverted my collecting to Gilbert Brule instead.

                I once again started my Ovechkin in mid-June 2011, and it took me almost 3 months to compile a list of cards he has had released, and put together this website to keep track of my progress. I put about 16 months into my Ovechkin collection, and acquired more than 1100 cards, but decided to move it last fall as competition for his stuff was often out of this world. In the mean time I also started collecting Dmitry Orlov, and will now focus solely on Johansson and Orlov until another player comes along that peeks my collecting interests. Perhaps Filip Forsberg, Tom Wilson, or Evgeny Kuznetsov down the road.

                I will attempt to keep this site updated as often as possible, and hope you will enjoy perusing the many images of my Johansson and Orlov collections, and soon to be included Connor Carrick and Tom Wilson collections.



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